dog walking logo design
dog walking logo design

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Logo & Branding

We offer logo design & branding services in Inverness and the whole of the UK!

Logo’s are a piece of cake, right? It’s just the company name and maybe even a little icon too?

If creating a logo for a business is that simple, how come the big companies invest so much money into it? The reason is, your logo IS the face of your business. The type of font used, the colours and the graphics that go with it have to convey what you do and give your audience confidence in choosing you over someone else.

A poorly designed logo can convey an unprofessional image, people might be confused as to what you do and that can have a big impact on your business.

Our Logo Design Services

We need to understand what your business is about and what image you want to convey so we can design a logo that suits you and your business.

We want you involved in the design process too so we can be sure you get the logo that you’re happy with and that the image of your business is the right one.

After discussing your requirements and like and dislikes, we go back to Jamfrog HQ near Inverness and get busy working on the initial designs. We’ll then email them over to you and await your feedback and then work on refining the design until you give us the thumbs up. Once payment has been made, we package up your logo artwork in whatever file formats you require and we email them over to you! It’s that simple!

Branding Services

Company branding is fundamental in helping customers identify you from your other competitors. It’s much more than just a logo. We work with you to understand who your audience is and create a complete brand which includes a colour palette, selecting complementary typography and imagery.

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