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FREE DIY Websites – the pros and cons

Free DIY website builders have become more and more appealing over recent years, but are they good for business? On the surface they may seem great, it says free after all…who doesn’t like something that’s free?

‘FREE’ websites vs Professional bespoke websites

Pretty much all websites built using the free platforms online are what’s called ‘proprietary websites‘. You essentially license your free website and often continually pay for access to it, and that access is very limited. If you are unhappy with your websites slow loading time and want to move it to a better, faster server – you can’t. You don’t own it. If you end your subscription, your site goes offline and you are left with nothing. If the free website company goes bankrupt, your website could potentially disappear overnight.

With our websites you have more flexibility. We can change hosting providers. If you decide to move your website for another webmaster to manage you can. The best bit is that you don’t have to worry about that, we manage all this for you.

Is it really free?

If you’re considering the ‘FREE’ website route, factor in the time it takes you to set up your account, rifle through the generic template designs, work out how to create your pages, alter the colours, choose your font, add your logo (making sure it’s in the correct format and file type), enter your text, set up the pages, add your photos, format the way the content displays, add your SEO elements, preview the site and go live. What’s your billable hourly rate? Factor all those hours you’ve spent building your website in to the cost of your ‘free’ website that you and you alone will have to manage if anything goes wrong or needs changing. It’s doesn’t sound so free anymore does it?

We build and manage websites all day long and have done so for over a decade. You don’t have to spend your evenings and weekends or time when you should be working, on trying to make your own website.

Most people go to a restaurant to eat fine food that they’ve not had to prepare or cook, the chance to socialise, unwind so they don’t have to do all the washing and tidying up after. Would you go out to a restaurant and cook your own meal (which probably won’t taste as good), wash up and get the next lot of ingredients in just so you got to eat there for free? It seems a pointless exercise. Well ‘free’ websites are pretty much just that.

Ads and banners advertising other businesses on your website

Yep, unless you upgrade to a premium package (aka it is definitely not free anymore), you will most probably have advertising banners pop up on the pages of your website. Who knows, it may even advertise one of your competitors encouraging your potential client to click away from your website.

We don’t use our clients websites as a way to generate more income by inserting adverts into their websites…it’s not professional.

Free websites can often be short lived

Many of our clients have come to us after having set up a ‘free’ website, in need of a more professional business friendly and hassle free website.

So if you’re serious about your business and want to get the most out of your online marketing, ditch the free-not-so-free website and come and talk to us. We’re not expensive, we can manage and take care of your website for you, ensuring it looks awesome and professional.


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