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What is hosting and why you need it

For a website to be seen online it has to be hosted on a server. It's like you're renting space on a mega computer along with millions of other websites.

Hosting prices vary and there are some better hosting providers and some that are not so great. But how can you tell? Why would you want to know? All you want is a website for your business that works, is protected from hackers and loads in good time.

We can provide 99.9% uptime guarantee (your website won't go offline), set up all your email addresses for you, secure domain names, create databases...pretty much all the things that you shouldn't have to worry about which allows you to focus on running your business.

When you buy a car you don't want the hassle of carrying out all the servicing and maintenance yourself. After all if something goes wrong you end up with a car that doesn't work. Websites are the same. You don't want to be spending your time searching for hosting providers, creating databases, finding the best FTP client etc, when you can have us do all that for you.

Domain Names

Not everyone understands what domain names or hosting services are - which is understandable as it's not something you're expected to know unless you're a web developer.

So say your website is your home and your home is in a town (hosting server). Your domain name is your unique house name so you can tell people exactly how they can find you.

Choosing the right domain can influence the traffic you get to your website from search engines. It should be relevant to what you do and it's good practice to include keywords - which are words that you think most people would type into a search engine to find you or your business services.

We offer a super helpful service where we research the best domain names, check the availability and secure it for you. It saves you the time of weaving around the web trying to find the best provider and wondering what the best domain name(s) is for you and your business.

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