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Why are leaflets so effective?

We've designed hundreds of leaflets, flyers, brochures and menus for companies all over Inverness, throughout the Highlands and other parts of the UK. Leaflets and flyers have always been an effective marketing tool, especially when it's well designed and successfully gets your message across.

You can directly target your audience whether it's physically handing out the leaflets, having it distributed in the mail or pinning them up on noticeboards etc. They're tangible and can't simply be discarded at the click of a button.

Coupons, discount offers and the like are great ways to attract business so it's handy to include them in your marketing material.

Mouthwatering Menus

Menu design is so much more than a list of what you have for sale to eat. Just like you can't just slap food on a plate any old way and expect your customer to be happy with it and want to come back. It has to be presented well...as you know, if a meal looks good, it tastes better.

We've all been to a eatery at some point where the menu has been printed out onto a cheap A4 sheet of paper and still has the last customers greasy fingerprints or flecks or crumbs attached to it. It doesn't give a very good impression does it? Doesn't exactly invoke a clean or appetising feeling.

Many businesses overlook the importance of a well presented menu. This applies to takeaway menus too! You want to impress your customer, you want to make them come back and look forward to thumbing through your menu excited by what they see and to get their mouth watering. And that is where we can help!

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