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Why You Need Business Stationery

If you look professional and make it super easy for customers to get in touch, you are far more likely to attract more business.

Picture this; you're in a social situation, and you pass a comment about how you need some work carried out on your house. Your friend pipes up "My pal Bob over there, he's a sparky. Have a chat with him about it." Bob gets called over and you're introduced to each other and eventually arrange for him to take a look at the job. Now, he either scribbles his mobile number on a post it note and that's that. Or he pulls out a professional looking business card that has all his details on that you need. What would instill more confidence in using Bob?

Not just your average rectangular piece of card anymore. There are a multitude of shapes, sizes, formats and finishes that can make your business card awesome, leaving your competitors cards to gather dust and get lost down the side of the couch - lost and forgotten forever.

A good quality card that has a nice tactile feel to it really says we mean business, we're important and you won't forget us.

We use a bank of reliable printers who really know their paper from their card and their embossed from their debossed, whilst offering super competitive prices.

Our goal is to understand what card is best for you, design it to make it look stunning and then offer a selection of finishes for you to choose based on your budget.

We manage the project from start to finish - from design to the cards being delivered straight to your door. No hassle, we take care of it all for you!

Letterheads can often be overlooked, but depending on your business it could be an essential part of your marketing material.

Not only is it important to keep your company image consistent throughout all your marketing material, there are also legal requirements that need to be considered and complied with when it comes to producing letterheads. Legal requirements very depending on whether you are a sole trader, a limited company or in a partnership business. Certain information must be displayed otherwise you could run the risk of incurring a fine.

When sending something on letterheaded paper is overkill, opt for the compliment slip!

If you send samples or brochures in the post for example, a little handwritten note on a compliment slip gives a personal touch.

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